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Where to Find Health Insurance for Artists

In today's world, the high cost of medical care makes health insurance an essential. It's nice to know that you are protected in case of a medical emergency. Unfortunately, those who earn a living as an artist are often left uninsured. Thankfully, there are some health insurance choices for artists.

Self-employed artists and health insurance

One option available to artists is self-employed health insurance. Prices for these policies are dependent on the amount of coverage you desire. In most cases, self-employed insurance is generally obtained as a short-term health insurance plan, which could have a length of coverage from 30 days, all the way up to an entire year. If you were provided coverage through a previous employer, then COBRA health insurance might be an option, but it's often more expensive than health insurance purchased on the private market.

Being as there are so many options, you might want to request a free quote for health insurance right here. The downside to self-employed health insurance is it is usually not as comprehensive, unless you select a policy with additional options and riders.

Many self-employed artists who may seek traditional employment in the future like the idea of temporary health insurance. Many carriers offer this type of policy. Temporary policies generally tend to be more affordable than long term self-employment policies. You can also expect to be offered more choices and coverage levels. Unfortunately, policies of this nature are only valid for a certain number of months and are not usually renewable.

In some cases, artists may have other health care alternatives. Many artists are students as well. If this is the case, schools often offer discounted health insurance or can recommend an insurance carrier offering a student discount. If you happen to have a pre-existing condition that may hinder your ability to obtain health insurance, certain states have plans in place for which you may qualify.

Everyone deserves the security that health insurance brings. Uninsured artists should not feel like they do not have choices in regards to their healthcare. Find out what options are available to you today. Request a free quote for artist health insurance today!

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